How Many A’s Are In Your Ahi???

by Jeff Moore on January 31, 2018 No comments

Ahi Seared Best

Is the Ahi you are using A, AA, AAA or AAAA?

The A’s are used so commonly as a measure of qulaity and performance that they seem like an industry standard.

But after asking dozens of packers of Ahi Tuna about their grading standard, NONE of them can tell us what the specific and measurable differences from one pack to another, and NO PACKER has a definition that is the same as another.

It is not uncommon to hear an Ahi Packer say “My AA is just like the other guy’s AAA!”

The truth is that the “A Standard” is not a measurable industry standard at all. This may be the way some packers grade tuna within their company, but we doubt that too.

After 20 years of investigation, not one company can give us a common and quantifiable grading standard for arriving at the amount of A’s they assign to their tuna.

How tuna is caught, graded, handled and processed is the ballgame.

At IPS, our PACIFICA Ahi Tuna starts with hand line caught, Japanese #2 Grade Tuna (USA#1). All our premium Ahi tuna is processed from fresh tuna and is triple graded; on the boat, at the port, and in the plant. This can only be done if the tuna is processed from the fresh state.

Our tuna is also sea mammal and sea turtle safe.

The next time you hear a packer use the “A’s” to define their quality, ask them to give you a quantifiable explanation to their “Multi-A” Grading System and how it compares to others. You will be amused.

If you would like to check out some AAAwesome cuts of Ahi tuna for your operation, give me a call (866) 360-FISH (3474). I would love to Hook You Up. 🙂

Jeff MooreHow Many A’s Are In Your Ahi???

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